Marketing Materials – the top 5 that every new business needs

These are the top 5 marketing materials every single business should have!

When starting a new business there is a lot to cover in terms of business marketing materials that are needed. Most things can be put off until your business starts to grow more but there are certain marketing essentials each business definitely needs when starting out. These are the top 5 marketing materials we believe you will need to get your new business off to a strong start!


A Logo is the foundation of your brand and businesses marketing. It is the cornerstone of you brand and should be displayed on all marketing materials going forwards – at your premises or on your vehicles, placed on business cards, invoices, documentation and pretty much everything else! Because your logo will be something you and your customers will always see and be accustomed to we always recommend that you take your time to find the best fit for you.

Typing your business name into Microsoft Word, changing the font type, choosing a color is not considered logo design. There are so many resources out there nowadays that creating a logo you’ll be proud to show off is easy as doing it yourself or hiring someone to make you one.

It is always advisable to get your logo professionally designed. Speak to us about our design service deals for startup and new businesses here at Effortless Office!

Business Cards

Once you have a logo, the next piece of marketing material that your business should have is a business card! This is a no brainer as they are extremely useful, inexpensive, and have your business identity on a handy, compact card.

Firstly, a business card is extremely useful because it is compact enough to always have on you which is perfect for networking events, conferences, exhibitions or even if you ever have chance encounters with people. It can contain your logo, business name, where to find you, contact information and so much more! Its essentially a mini pitch to everyone that sees it!

The second reason its number two on this list is that they are so inexpensive! Whether you buy them online or locally the price for business cards are so cheap, not having one just doesn’t make sense!

Designing your business card is easy as well, just talk to us about how we can help


A website is number 3 on our list of marketing materials for good reason. In the age of the internet it is no longer a question whether or not you should have a website for your business, it is a must. The credibility and professionalism that comes with having a website for your company is needed nowadays as people are constantly looking for more information, reviews, and ways to know you before they even contact you.

A website for your small business is a necessity, and having one brings trust and credibility between you and your customers. Here are some more benefits to having a website:

  • Product/Services Offered
  • About Us Section
  • Contact Us Section
  • Links to Social Media

Building a website for your business is an invaluable asset in the long run as it establishes your credibility, goes in depth with who you are, what you offer and why customers should choose you. It also allows you to link yourself to other online directories such as Google to further get known and validated as a trustworthy source.

And remember that your website must be responsive and work on tablets and mobile phones, as research by Google shoes that 60% of search now comes from mobile devices.

Again, speak to Effortless Office about our affordable design, hosting and maintenance packages.


Next on the list is a Flyer or Brochure for your business. Just like a business card the great thing about flyers is that they are relatively cheap to produce and can be put almost anywhere! Hand them out to customers who use you, people on the street or in networking events, put them in letterboxes and so much more! The possibilities are endless and because they usually bigger than a business card, they have a lot of room to say what you want!

Use them to promote your next product or service, put them where you know your target audience is, hand them out to clients as referral material, and so much more. Because they’re so cheap to make you can create a lot at little cost and always have some on hand to pass out!

Social Media

Almost everyone in the world has some type of social media account and checks it every day, and if your business isn’t on social media then you are losing out. It’s a marketing strategy many businesses struggle with but is important because social media allows you to reach out to your customers, bring in new ones, and show off your brand. The best part is that these platforms is are completely free to use and for businesses they offer tools like analytics to help track how well you’re doing.

Although it may be overwhelming at first, managing your businesses social media accounts with time it should become a process that is just like any other marketing tools you will use.

Effortless Office can also help you with this – speak to us about social media marketing and your marketing strategy.

The most important things to remember with social media is to be consistent! Post regularly and don’t neglect your accounts, grow your following and watch as your audience grows with you!

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